Direk Erik Matti kinastigo si Toni Gonzaga dahil sa pagiging “UNBOTHERED”

Isa ang batikang direktor na si Erik Matti sa pumuna sa pagiging “unbothered” ng kontrobersyal na actress TV host na si Toni Gonzaga.

Naging kontrobersyal bigla si Toni dahil sa pag host nito sa proclamation rally nina Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos at Mayor Sara Duterte.

Mas lalo pang nag alab ang galit ng ilang netizens ng ipinakilala ni Toni ang isa sa pumigil na mabigyan ng prangkisa ang ABS-CBN, si Congressman Rodante Marcoleta.

Maraming mga netizens ang kaagad kumansela sa dating host ng Pinoy Big Brother. Maging ang ibang mga kasama niya sa industriya ay binira din siya.

Isa na nga diyan si Direk Erik. Sa kanyang Instagram account ay nagpost ng mahabang mensahe ang direktor tungkol sa diumanoy aroganteng pagharap ni Toni sa isyu.

Ayon pa kay Direk Erik, “Everyone has a right to their own political stances. But when Hitler runs for office after slaughtering millions of Jews and you still support his bid, the least you can do is acknowledge all the blood he has spilled and with integrity, stick to your own crazy misplaced loyalty in private or in silence.”

Inihalintulad nga ng direktor ang pamilya Marcos sa isa sa mga “most hated public figures in history” na si Adolf Hitler.

Dagdag pa niya, “The atrocities of Hitler was a history that has been written that actually happened and that no one can refute.”

“In the same way the plunder and the horrors of the Marcos regime to our country the Philippines, that no one has claimed responsibility until now with the players still roaming around free, moneyed and powerful, is irrefutable and a historical fact that cannot be forgotten and rewritten.”

Ipinaliwanag din ni Direk Erik sa kanyang post na totoo ang mga biktima ng Martial Law at hindi kathang isip lamang.

“The victims of both the Holocaust and our Martial Law were all real people with names, families, and siblings that walked and talked the earth then and even survived by descendants until now. No one can ever say they didn’t exist.”

Credit: celestinegonzaga/Instagram

Dito na nga binanatan ng direktor ang tila hindi pagiging apektado ni Toni sa isyu na ayon sa kanya ay simbolo ng pagiging arogante ng aktres.

“I cannot fathom anyone, who have access to the same historical facts from our books and Youtube like everyone else, can still have the gall to hold their head so high to the point of being so arrogant and obnoxious to brush away critics and dissenters even acknowledging and flaunting it with such an insensitive hashtag.”

“That is just incomprehensible. To give your support to any political candidate whether or not out of affinity, blood or loyalty is between you and your conscience. You can do whatever you want with your celebrity power and God’s guidance because this is a free world, after all. But to be brazen, arrogant and snooty makes all of it despicable, disgusting and really crude.”

“What makes you people so emboldened, seeming almost like untouchables, to never have the decency to acknowledge with humble bowed heads and with Almighty God as your witness, that you are on the side of what history had unmistakably and irrefutably proven to have been part of the plunder and corruption of the Philippines then and now.”

“Impunity and apathy run so deep in all of us.” Pagtatapos pa ng direktor.

Suportado naman ng ilang showbiz personalities ang post na ito Direk Erik. Kabilang dito sina Janno Gibbs, John Arcilla, Lotlot de Leon, Ina Feleo, DJ Chacha at Direk Quark Henares.

Tinawag pa na oportunista ni Direk Quark si Toni dahil sa pagsuporta nito kay Congressman Marcoleta.

Ayon pa kay Direk Quark, “I can’t believe she actually introduced Marcoleta at an event, the man who was responsible for shutting down the company that built her career.”

“Hindi lang impunity and apathy eh. Oportunista talaga.”

Samantala, nagpahayag naman si Bongbong Marcos ng pasasalamat at pagsuporta kay Toni.

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